I agree to the processing of personal data

I agree with the processing of personal data necessary for the implementation of the stay. These are mainly the name, surname, date and place of birth, OP number, email address, etc.

The granting of consent also applies to persons for whom or for whose benefit I am concluding a contract for accommodation and provision of services. By concluding the contract, I declare that I am entitled to grant consents on behalf of fellow passengers, on the basis of a contractual or other representation or agreement.

I acknowledge that this consent to the processing of personal data may be granted by me or any person for whom or for the benefit of whom I have an accommodation contract or. concluded other services at any time, by revoking or narrowing them, by sending information on the revocation of the travel agency's consent either to the address of Ingtours s.r.o., Benecká ul. 921, 543 01 Vrchlabí or by e-mail sent to the address: