Information on the processing of personal data

Who are we and how can you contact us?

These personal data handling rules of Ingtours s.r.o., with registered office at Benecká ul. 921, 543 01 Vrchlabí, registered in the Commercial Register of the Regional Court in Hradec Králové, File No. 8534, Company ID: 64255794, Tax Identification Number: CZ64255794 (hereinafter referred to as "Ingtours") governs the principles of personal data processing of visitors to the website www.ingtours. cz (hereinafter referred to as the "website"), in particular its registered users (hereinafter referred to as the "user") and customers of Ingtours who place an order via the website (hereinafter referred to as the "customer").

Ingtours operates in the processing of personal data as administrator and thus determines for what purpose and by what means personal data will be processed.

Legal reason for processing personal data

The legal reason for processing your personal data is your consent given hereby Ingtours in the sense of Article 6 paragraph 1 letter a) Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons in the processing of personal data and the Personal Data Protection Act 18/2018 Coll. (hereinafter referred to as "GDPR").

What data do we process?

Data provided by customers. At Ingtours, we process personal data about users and customers. Primarily, personal data that you provide to us when registering on Ingtours or when creating your order is processed. This data includes, in particular, an e-mail address and, in the case of customers, first and last name, telephone number and payment information. In specific cases, e.g. with offers from the "Deliveries" section, we also require the delivery address to be provided, or if you wish, you can also provide a note about possible delivery times. In exceptional cases, e.g. when purchasing an insurance Coupon, it is the date of birth or social security number. If interested, the user and customer can voluntarily enter other additional data such as date of birth, gender, or business name and identification address of the legal entity, place of residence and registered office. We hereinafter refer to the above data as "personal data".

Ingtours collects, stores and analyzes through the Ingtours website. If the user does not agree to the analysis and collection of geolocation data, he can turn it off at any time in his browser settings or express his disagreement with this procedure in writing via the contact e-mail address and his user account will be from analysis user behavior immediately discarded.

Data obtained through cookies. Ingtours uses information about Coupons purchased by our customers to better target advertising campaigns and improve the product and service offerings. If you have enabled the storage of cookies in your browser and agree to their use, Ingtours obtains data about website visits, viewed products and other activity on the website.

Data from Facebook. If you use the social network Facebook to register, you will also allow Ingtours access primarily to your name, surname and e-mail address and other information that you choose to share with us.

Ingtours does not collect or otherwise process any sensitive personal data including, for example, data about your state of health, religion or belief, etc.

For what purposes do we process data?

We use your personal data when purchasing, registering and providing other services on Ingtours data in the scope: first name, last name and e-mail. We absolutely need this data to fulfill the contract, e.g. sending access to the account, sending the Coupon, informing about the expiry of the Coupon, etc. We will also need information about how you will pay for your order. After each purchase, we record information related to the purchase (the so-called purchase history). Data processing in this case includes all activities from the registration of the order, its processing, including payment and delivery of the ordered Coupon. If the data is not provided, Ingtours cannot process your order.

Prevention of fraudulent behavior and fulfillment of legal obligations. In some cases, we process your personal data to comply with legal requirements. Ingtours takes care to ensure a high level of personal data protection and we strive for our customers to be able to use our services without worrying about their security. For that reason, we monitor how our services are used in order to be able to detect abuse or possible fraud on the Ingtours website. In some cases, we process your personal data to comply with legal requirements. For the stated purpose, we process personal data on the basis of the legal title of legitimate interest and on the basis of the legal title of the fulfillment of a legal obligation.

For the purposes of realizing the rights and obligations from the intermediary contract for the purpose of invoicing, exclusively to the extent necessary and after necessary time.

In case of and for the purpose of making complaints, the user also agrees to the one-time provision and processing of his personal data for processing his complaint also by service providers (including providers of payment systems or methods) and/or sellers of goods to which the complaint and/or payment relates, exclusively to the extent necessary and for the necessary time.

For feedback purposes - in the event that the customer has expressed consent in the "Offer evaluation" section, he also agrees to Ingtours collecting, publishing and further using the verbal evaluation of the offers received from customers through the website, regarding the purchased Coupons. In the event that the customer s evaluation is supplemented by a photo created by the customer, the customer also grants Ingtours a time and geographically unlimited free license to use the photographic work in electronic and printed form. In such a case, the customer is obliged to secure the possible consent of all persons depicted in the provided photographs with the use of the photographic work. Ingtours is not responsible for the violation of the obligation to ensure the consent of the depicted persons.

Ingtours primarily uses an e-mail address, occasionally also a telephone number for sending SMS, for our product offer and the promotion of Ingtours in the form of business communications (newsletters) sent to users. We carry out the processing for the purpose of realizing the legitimate interests of Ingtours. In this case, the processing takes place only on the basis of your consent, which is completely voluntary, and even if it is not granted, you can continue to fully use our website. You give consent to Ingtours during registration on Ingtours, in the purchase process of purchasing a Coupon or later in the settings of your user account. Please note that registration on Ingtours can only be done by persons over 16 years of age. You can revoke your consent at any time by clicking on the relevant link located in each commercial announcement or in the user account settings.

For marketing purposes, better targeting of advertising and promotion, Ingtours processes data about website visits, viewed products and further activity on the website. Processing is possible only on the basis of your consent to the use of the relevant cookies. As a rule, on the basis of the mentioned data, Ingtours obtains statistics, analyzes and reports on the behavior of website users. Based on them, it is then possible to better target advertising or adapt website content to what you are really interested in and what you are looking for, or what interests a larger group of users in general. In this case, the processing of personal data is usually automated. You can find more information about cookies here.

To inform you about important changes on the Ingtours website - if necessary, we will notify you of important changes regarding the services provided by Ingtours. For the stated purposes, we process personal data on the basis of a legal title of legitimate interest.

To process the results of competitions - when participating in our competitions, promotions, polls, surveys, etc., we process the data sent by you (mainly name, surname, contact information). In the event that you send us information about other persons, please make sure before providing it that that person agrees to the provision of their personal data and understands how Ingtours will process their personal data.

To ensure customer support, we use the data about your name and e-mail, which you fill in during a chat with an Ingtours employee in the relevant chat window on the website. We do not use the name and e-mail address provided by you only on the basis of the chat.

Processing based on consent - in special cases not covered in the previous points, we may require your personal data based on your consent. In such a case, you will learn the purpose and other information regarding such processing at the moment when we will require such consent from you.

What are your rights?

In connection with the processing of personal data, you can contact Ingtours and request:

  1. Information regarding the personal data that Ingtours processes, the purpose and nature of the processing of personal data, including information about potential recipients of personal data outside of Ingtours. General information about personal data processing activities is contained in these rules.
  2. Access to the data you have provided to Ingtours, either during registration or when creating an order. In the case of exercising this right, Ingtours will confirm whether and what specific personal data are being processed and, where applicable, this data will be made available to you together with information about their processing.
  3. Transfer of automatically processed personal data obtained on the basis of your consent from Ingtours to another entity, when Ingtours transfers your personal data in a commonly used format to you or another administrator according to your wishes.
  4. Correction of personal data, if they are inaccurate or incomplete in any way. Ingtours can process your order correctly only if the data is up-to-date. If you believe that Ingtours processes personal data in violation of the protection of your personal and private life or in violation of legal regulations. stated purposes, or if Ingtours no longer has a legal reason to process personal data, including cases where you do not agree to their further processing. Ingtours will dispose of your data in whole or in part within the framework of fulfilling the stated conditions. Users and customers of Ingtours can unsubscribe from commercial communications (newsletters) at any time by:
    • clicking on the relevant link located at the footer of each commercial communication
    • object to the processing of personal data by Ingtours at the e-mail address or through other contacts listed in these rules.

Furthermore, users can and Ingtours customers to object to the processing of personal data in the case of evaluating purchase preferences, on the basis of which Ingtours will immediately stop the processing of personal data for these purposes.

If you want to disable the storage of cookies on your device, you can change the settings directly in your browsers. If you disable Ingtours from storing cookies, some parts of the website may not work properly. You can find more information about the ban and deletion of cookies here.

In addition to the above authorization, you always have the option to file a complaint with the Office for the Protection of Personal Data in the event of a breach of Ingtours obligations.

Who has access to the data ?

Personal data is primarily processed by Ingtours employees and cooperating persons. All persons who have access to personal data are bound by confidentiality and this obligation continues even after the end of their cooperation with Ingtours.

A business partner of Ingtours for whose products or services you purchased a voucher through Ingtours, and exclusively so that this partner can issue you a tax document for the goods or services in question.

Other recipients of your personal data will be forwarding companies and other persons involved in the delivery of goods or the realization of payments based on the purchase contract.


Public entities that are exempt from the obligation of confidentiality. These are selected public administration entities and other entities that are authorized to do so by law (e.g. courts, ČOI, executors, etc.).

The processors that Ingtours uses include:

  • Online Marketing Tools
  • Accounting Services
  • Server and Database Management Services
  • Customer Support Services
  • Services providing the reservation system (Pear s.r.o.)
  • Email management and sending services
  • Services providing customer support
  • Services providing SMS sending
  • Services software development and IT support
  • Services providing data analytics and statistics
  • Other entities that provide us with their services

How long do we process data?

Ingtours processes personal data for the purpose of fulfilling the contract for the entire time of processing the order, including its payment and delivery of the Coupon. By law, Ingtours subsequently stores some data contained in accounting documents.

Data obtained for marketing purposes through cookies is processed by Ingtours for the entire duration of the consent to the use of cookies, i.e. for the period when you enable the storage of cookies in your browser. or until an objection is raised against the processing of your data for this purpose.

If we process your personal data on the basis of a legitimate interest, the processing lasts as long as our legitimate interest lasts. You can object at any time to the processing of your personal data, which takes place on the basis of a legal title of legitimate interest.

We process and keep your personal data only as long as is necessary for the purposes listed above, or after the time for which it is necessary to fulfill the obligations arising from the legal regulations that apply to Ingtours. After this period, personal data is deleted or anonymized.


Ingtours cares about the security of your data. Handling of personal data takes place in full compliance with applicable legal regulations, including the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR). When processing personal data, Ingtours places great emphasis on the technical and organizational security of the processed data.

Personal data is processed in electronic or paper form, automated in electronic information systems, or manually.

All personal data in electronic form are stored in databases and systems to which only persons who need to handle personal data immediately for the purposes specified in these rules have access, and only to the extent necessary. Access to this personal data is protected by a password and a firewall. The security of personal data is regularly tested by Ingtours and we continuously improve the protection.

The protection of childrens personal data is extremely important to us.For this reason, Ingtours does not knowingly collect or solicit personal information from anyone under the age of 16. In the event that we learn that we have collected personal information from a child under the age of 16, we will delete that information as soon as possible. Children under the age of 16 may only use Ingtours services with the permission and supervision of their parents.

How can you exercise your rights?

Ingtours has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO). . If you believe that Ingtours does not comply with these personal data protection rules or that your rights have been violated, contact it at: Ingtours s.r.o., Zámecká ul. 1453, 543 01 Vrchlabí, possibly via e-mail:, online application or by phone at +420 702 093 598.

If you decide to claim any of the above-mentioned rights, you can do so at the above-mentioned contacts either by phone or in writing. Please note that if you exercise your right, we need to be sure of your identity. Therefore, in some cases, we may ask you to prove it.

When exercising any of the above-mentioned rights, we will inform you in writing without undue delay about the method of processing your request. The legal deadline for comments is no later than one month from the date of receipt of the request. Due to the complexity and number of applications, we are entitled to extend the deadline by two months. In the event of an extension of the deadline, we will inform you including the reason.